Since 2010, our hotel is involved in an eco-friendly commitment to help save our environment and the health of us all.

We want our customers to know that choosing our hotel is also doing a choice for the environment and that this choice is not without consequences. 

Here are some of the measures we take:

  • full waste sorting, choice of suppliers that have a policy of low packaging, monitoring of our total waste per category so we can understand and see if the figures are really going down;
  • 100% renewable energy, 100% LED or CFL bulbs, optimize our HVAC system (heating ventilation air conditioning), much more efficient than any fossil fuels boiler;
  • reduce our water consumption with the flow reducing valves installed on all faucets and showers, being cautious and reactive with leaks;
  • improve our eco-conscious buying policy, with no disposable or single-use only products, maximise the recycled/recyclable, ecolabelled and/or organic ones;
  • propose mainly organic produce for our restaurant and our breakfast and organic drinks when available;
  • train our staff each year on sustainable development and eco-conscious practices, prerequisite condition to reach our goals.